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A luxurious whipped tallow skin moisturizer, with 5 simple, all-natural ingredients: tallow, beeswax, marshmallow root, arrowroot, and vanilla bean. This formula is a fan favorite and best-seller. Maker Melissa Torre, a former chef, is commited to making her products as naturally and sustainably as possible, using potentially wasted materials like grass-fed beef tallow from local butchers, and reclaimed glass jars as packaging.


The repurposed, red-lidded jar contains 11 ounces of skin-loving goodness.


Please note, extreme temperature can affect the texture of this product. Hotter weather (over 85 can cause the whipped consistency to flatten, while cold can cause cause it to stiffen. This will not affect the usefulness of the product; only the airiness of the texture.

Fat Marshmallow Fluff, 11 oz full size


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