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This is an illustrated map of the waterways within Lenapehoking, or the Delaware River Watershed. “Lenapehoking” means “the Land of the Lenape people,” which is mostly within the watershed of the Lenapewihittuck, or the Delaware River. It was drawn in intricate detail with pen and ink on toned paper by Philadelphia artist Meg Lemieur, and guided by the cultural consultation of Trinity Norwood from the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Nation.

This piece highlights 63 species of local flora and fauna and a legend pointing out the traditional uses of plants by the Lenni Lenape people. The map of the watershed also includes an enlarged map of Philadelphia’s current and historic waterways. Each waterway is labeled and either drawn with a thick line to indicate that it is a current waterway or a thin line to indicate that the waterway is no longer a surface stream or creek. Many of these have been turned into sewers or covered up completely.


16 x 20 print, packaged flat in a clear sleeve with rigid backer board.

Lenapehoking Map Print


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