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Not back to normal, forward to better. Letterpress printed poster, created from wood and metal type and printed in green, dark blue, and gold on medium green paper, measures 8x10 and comes packaged in a clear sleeve with a backer. By Bowerbox Press, a one-woman business based in Monkton, MD.


From the artist: "This design started out for the people who've lost their jobs, their health insurance, their security, their health, their lives from the pandemic. For the people who earn less at their full-time job than they can get on unemployment. For those that are still trying to get unemployment after weeks and months. For those still working for the rest of us. For those preparing, packing, delivering food. For the hospital workers. For the delivery drivers. For the overlooked and underpaid and underappreciated. But it's clear this poster is also for George. For Breonna. For Ahmaud. For Freddie. For all the others. For the birdwatchers. For Minneapolis. For Baltimore. How can we keep saying we're the greatest country in the world when so many of us are overlooked? Forgotten? Killed? And so many of us are silent with the overlooking? This is not the America I was raised to live in, to believe in, and we've got to make sure that we do better, for everyone. I hope this poster will bring a glimpse of hope and what we can aim for."

"Forward To Better" Print by Bowerbox


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