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These are NOT your average shampoo bars. Most importantly, they contain ZERO coconut oils*, coco sulfates, silicones, or other synthetic ingredients. While this will be a great choice for all hair types, it will be especially welcome for those with coconut allergies, ultra-sensitive/dry scalp, autoimmune conditions, or other health concerns/lifestyle choices that necessitate truly natural ingredients.


Simple, gentle, effective, and food-grade ingredients: Tallow, rice water, marshmallow root, honey, yucca root, arrowroot, vanilla bean, lime peel, and fresh rosemary. 


If you knew Vellum St founder and former chef Melissa Torre in the Cookie Confidential days, you know her cupcake line, Undercover Cupcake, came exclusively in jelly jars with red lids, with a fluffy cream cheese frosting piped in thick layers above, below & in between the cakes. Fat marshmallow is partly a nod to those two tasty treats, but done Vellum style, for your skin & hair!

Shampoo Bar by Vellum St.