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LAVANDA Foraged Fragrance™ Eau de Parfum Spray (1 oz)


Scent Profile: Fulsome lavender with a milky tea finish


Featured wild ingredient: Yaupon Tea Tincture. Yaupon is a native North American holly whose leaves produce a tea similar to yerba mate.


Notes (from opening to finish): Lavender buds, caraway seed, bergamot, yaupon tea, geranium, lavender absolute, apricot cream, coconut milk, blonde patchouli, sandalwood


Henny Faire is a one-woman business in Berks County, PA, about a 90 minute drive from Philadelphia. Perfumer Erica Vinskie distills many of her own botanical extracts from plants native to the Eastern U.S. Her long-wearing scents are suitably naturalistic, yet elegantly composed. For their wearer, they create an experience of nature that is imminently wearable and beautiful. Their unique blends are 98% natural, with only a few carefully chosen synthetics, all free of phthalates, polysorbates, PEGs, silicones, and sulfates.


INGREDIENTS Natural grain spirits (denat.), fragrance (plant extracts and aromatics), water, glycerine


PRECAUTION Some fragrant compounds can cause skin irritation in a small subset of individuals.


Spray on self or in surroundings. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. 

Made in Pennsylvania, United States.

LAVANDA Foraged Fragrance, Eau de Parfum


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