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Locally minded, sustainably focused and chef made, Vellum Street sources many otherwise discarded, food grade ingredients from area restaurants and farms, seeing their value and saving them from waste bins. Starting with biocompatable grass fed tallow, their bath salts are gentle enough for light use on the face, effective enough to scrub away rough spots, and powerful enough for a muscle relieving soak, with a touch of tallow to keep your skin moisturized.


As a scrub, shake small amount into your palm scrub away. As a soak, add a few tablespoons under running water. Or combine the two and scrub IN the tub while allowing the excess salt to melt in the bath water for a magnesium rich soak!


This 10 oz jar comes in an upcycled kombucha bottle, and will provide 5-10 baths.


Please note that due to the plant based & clay colorants, there is a chance of staining if you have a porous tub. Please spot test before soaking!


*All glass is 100% second use, upcycled by non-profit Bottle Underground.



Cherry Wooder Ice: Epsom & pink Himalayan salts, tallow, red sandalwood, alkanet, madder root, corn silk, tart cherry & almond extract, vanilla absolute, St John’s Wort, cherry wood, cherry blossom


Blood Orange Bourbon: Epsom/Dead/pink Himalayan sea salts, tallow, turmeric, paprika, annatto, corn silk, essential oils (bergamot, patchouli, cedar, clove, vetiver)


Lemon Ginger Oatmeal: Epsom/Dead/pink Himalayan sea salts, tallow, oats, turmeric, essential oils (lemon, ginger)


Matcha Mint Rose: Epsom & pink Himalayan salts, tallow, essential oils (spearmint, rose geranium), rose absolute, calendula, spinach, matcha, rose petals, spearmint leaves


Rosemary Chamomile: Epsom & pink Himalayan salts, tallow, essential oils (rosemary, German chamomile), vanilla absolute, calendula, rosemary, chamomile, potato peel, indigo


Lavender Marshmallow: Epsom & pink Himalayan salts, tallow, essential (Bulgarian lavender), calendula. alkanet, dried lavender, marshmallow root

Cherry Bath Salts by Vellum St.

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