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Vellum Street products, created by a Philly-based former chef and bakery owner, are all about sustainability. Maker Melissa Torre upcycles food-grade ingredients from local butchers, restaurants and farms into her skin-nourishing formulas.

Starting with biocompatable grass fed tallow, the bar soaps are gentle enough for the face, yet effective enough to wash away everyday dirt and grime. Noncomedogenic, ultra moisturizing, and high in vitamins A, D, E, and K, tallow makes the perfect soap for the whole household. The fatty acids in tallow are much closer in molecular structure to the oils our own skin produces than more commonly used plant oils, and it is extremely rich in the same kinds of lipids present in youthful, vibrant skin.


Soap, at its inception, was regularly made from a combination of animal fats and alkaline salts (the Egyptians), or tallow and ash (the Celts/Germans). Tallow/other animal fats are also highly sustainable, as they are quite often a rather underused by-product of the meat industry. All of their animal fat comes from pastured, humanely raised animals, from local farms and butchers.

4 ounce bar.



Cherry Wooder Ice: Saponified tallow and castor oil, cherries, tart cherry extract, almond extract, vanilla absolute, milk, red sandalwood, St John’s Wort, alkanet, madder root, corn silk, honey


Blood Orange Bourbon: Saponified tallow and castor oil, essential oils (bergamot, patchouli, cedar, clove, vetiver), milk, turmeric, paprika, annatto, spent bourbon grains, dried blood orange peel, corn silk, honey


Lemon Ginger Oatmeal: Saponified tallow and castor oil, essential oils (lemon, ginger), vanilla absolute, milk, lemon, oats, turmeric, honey


Matcha Mint Rose: Saponified tallow and castor oil, essential oils (spearmint, rose geranium), rose absolute, milk, spinach, matcha, rose petals, spearmint leaves, honey


Rosemary Chamomile: Saponified tallow and castor oil, essential oils (rosemary, German chamomile), vanilla absolute, milk, rosemary, chamomile, potato peel, indigo, honey


Lavender Marshmallow: Saponified tallow & castor), essential oils (Bulgarian lavender), milk, alkanet, dried lavender, marshmallow leaf root, honey

Cherry Bar Soap by Vellum St.

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