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Ramses was named after the great Pharaoh (um, his name was Ramses in case you were wondering). Unfortunately, this cat doesn’t like all the attention or responsibilities that come with being someone in the public eye. He enjoys his privacy, likes to read under the dining table, and in his own words, “excels at mediocrity”. His parents don’t always approve of his behavior as they’re celebrities (you might have seen them before–they were extras in The Aristocats) but Ramses could care less.


Young ones, and the young at heart, love Ramses because of his sweet face and tiny tail. He's the perfect traveling companion as he is small and almost flat for big trips and little ones to the park.


Measurements (Approximate): Height: 7.5" Width: 7"


All toys are handmade, so please expect slight variations in the details.
Made in Southern California by Janie XY, a woman-owned business

Orange Plush Cat by Janie XY


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