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These days, with most of the world at a standstill, one of the only services still available is the U.S. Mail. Why not take a socially distanced walk at least as far as your neighborhood mailbox. Send a faraway friend or loved one some good old "snail mail", without overloading our brave postal carriers with bulky packages. We've handpicked over 75 cards from our racks, for any number of occasions, all made in the USA by a variety of talented artists. Let us know which 4 (or 8, or 16...) you'd like, by the red numbers in the photos. We'll include stamps for each of them, so you needn't make another trip to the post office. Any of the Gritty cards shown here ( ) can also be included; just let us know. Each card measures 4.25 x 5.5 and includes an a2 envelope. All cards are blank inside. Price includes shipping (or local hand delivery), tax, and a stamp for each card.

Keep In Touch: 4 Cards w. Postage