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Flaming Idols are altar candles featuring inspiring figures of the LGBTQ community, created and handmade by Philadelphia artist and activist Robin Markle.

Kate seems to sing to us from another world, and her music, full of drama and romance, brings a lot of gays up there with her. Her dreamy melodies are perfect for driving around on old country roads late at night with a pack of queers. Eccentric and ethereal, the Guardian once wrote, “[Kate] is the older sister that every gay man wants”.


You might light this candle and look to Kate for inspiration and guidance in: romance, finding yourself, embracing outsider identities, flawlessly wearing aerobics outfits


Each unscented soy wax candle burns for approximately 10 hrs. Glass votives are 2.5" high and 2" wide at the base.

Kate Bush, Flaming Idols Votive Candle


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