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Flaming Idols are altar candles featuring inspiring figures of the LGBTQ community, created and handmade by Philadelphia artist and activist Robin Markle.


Are you a Lizzbian? Queers were thrilled when genre-busting musician Lizzo tweeted that this is her chosen moniker for her fans. Of her own sexuality, she says, “I’m an ally, but you know what? Here’s what I’m going to say about sexuality. I think what we knew about LGBT, and then LBGTQ, and then LGBTQ+. There are so many more wonderful letters to add to the spectrum. In the future, we’re going to be like, ‘This binary box we were put in was really restricting’ … I think it’s unfair to the human existence to limit the spectrum of what you’re capable of sexually.” Yes Queen!

You might light this candle and look to Lizzo for inspiration and guidance in: Big Grrrl pride, speaking your dreams into existence, being your own soul mate


Each unscented soy wax candle burns for approximately 10 hrs. Glass votives are 2.5" high and 2" wide at the base.

Lizzo, Flaming Idols Votive Candle