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Flaming Idols are altar candles featuring inspiring figures of the LGBTQ community, created and handmade by Philadelphia artist and activist Robin Markle.


Dolly is the original drag queen, inspiring decades of drag and declaring that if she was a man she’d be a queen too! “This dumb blonde ain’t nobody’s fool” she sang in 1966, and she’s been proving it ever since. She transformed herself from a poor girl from Appalachia to one of America’s most beloved singers, using big hair, big boobs, and a big voice. Dolly’s always loved her gay fans, and it’s pretty queer how she has that best friend who travels with her everywhere and shares her hotel bed. Dolly invites us to share in her rags to riches dreams, no matter who we are.

You might light this candle and look to Dolly for inspiration and guidance in: lost love, embracing rural identity, defying the limitations of stereotypes, wealth, getting bigger boobs


Each unscented soy wax candle burns for approximately 10 hrs. Glass votives are 2.5" high and 2" wide at the base.

Dolly Parton, Flaming Idols Votive Candle


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