5009 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19143 • #34 Trolley
215-471-7700 • Open Tues. - Sat. • Directions



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The Captain’s Vintage, purveyors of authentic vintage clothing since the late 90′s, have designed their own original collection of retro tees. (The Philadelphia “sunset” and “dancing pretzel” prints have been VIX best-sellers for a while.)

Their newest design celebrates another of their passions: vintage instant cameras. Polaroid stopped making the cameras and film many years ago, but now the film is being manufactured again, and the Captain carries it.

On September 19, meet proprietors Walt and Heather, check out all their t-shirt designs, and explore their collection of vintage instant cameras for sale as well as some prints taken on their travels. If you have one that’s gathering dust because there’s no more film, bring it in and get it reloaded. Get photobombed, take selfies and have some flashy fun. Discuss whether it really develops faster if you shake it. Explore different ways to transfer and repurpose the one-of-a-kind image that’s created.

Refreshments (including soft pretzels) will be served.

This event is part of The Philadelphia Collection 2013, Philly’s “fashion week”, with dozens of fashion-related events throughout the city.