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30th Street Craft Market Featured Vendor: Wrong World Ceramics

I work in a very traditional method of hand built slab construction. I work with a variety of clay bodies. What separates my work from other clay artists is my glaze techniques which I have refined through years of glaze chemistry, alternative firing processes, and my use of different textures and how the glaze affects these textures.
I’ve been doing ceramics for about 10 years now. I went to school for crafts where I was taught that all the skills you may have mean little if you don’t put them to good use (evident by the fact that only about 15% of graduates from my school continued to work in the arts). I started out my post college career as more of a sculptor but realized that making art strictly for myself was not only self indulgent (which may be the nature of an artist) but a bad way to support yourself if you want to work in the arts. The flasks were my first attempt at production pottery. While I’d like to say I found a niche in the craft world; the truth may be that I just found a great way to combine my love for ceramics with my love for drinking.
I have always been inspired by nature. But more specifically the phenomenon that occurs in nature. The way in which organisms grow and decay in such a quick life cycle. However; with that said I often ask myself if what I create is truly an earthly aesthetic or the aesthetic of some other world. Hence the name Wrong World.