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30th Street Craft Market Featured Artist: Ken Beidler Ceramics

Ken Beidler Ceramics

Pottery by Ken Beidler

As a child living in Indonesia, I remember making animals and other objects out of wet clay and leaving them in the sun to dry.  This quality of discovery and curiosity in making forms out of clay continues to inform my artistic journey with clay.

I make most of my porcelain and stoneware forms on the wheel.  I often make multiples of one form then subtly give each piece its own unique character.  All of my functional pieces (mugs, bowls, serving dishes, platters and plates) are microwaveable and oven safe.


I hope that through viewing and using my pieces, a person will appreciate in a new way the role that handmade work can perform in everyday life.  It gives me satisfaction to imagine one of my mugs, bowls or other ceramic objects being used and appreciated in the course of daily life.

Ken Beidler is a resident of Philadelphia and sells locally at shows in the area, as well as VIX Emporium.  He recently moved to a new studio space in West Philly at The Cedar Works, thecedarworks.com, 4919 Pentridge St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19143.  This new space will be shared with other ceramic artists.